Actor pool#

An actor pool serves as a container and entry point for managing actors. It is also a self-contained computational unit that in most cases runs within an individual process.

Before creating any actor, it is necessary to initialize the actor pools. In scenarios involving multiple machines, it is recommended to initialize an actor pool on each machine to effectively utilize the resources of the entire cluster.

Manual creation of each actor pool is not required. Instead, you can specify the desired number of actor pools using the n_process parameter when invoking xoscar.create_actor_pool. Xoscar will automatically handle the creation of the specified number of actor pools for you. Normally, n_process should be set to the number of CPUs.

See also

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Create an actor pool#

To create an actor pool, you are required to provide the address and specify the desired level of parallelism.

import asyncio
import xoscar as xo

async def _main():
    await xo.create_actor_pool(address="localhost:9999", n_process=4)

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()